DETAIL: My daily programme

My daily programme

I usually get up at half past six, but it is a very big problem for me, because I like to sleep late. After waking up I do my hygiene routine. I wash my face, brush my teeth, I go to the toilet, I wash my hand. I do a little exercise and dicide what to wear. After getting dressed I comb my hair. I haven´t got breakfast, I just have a cup of tea. I eat at school. I must commute to school every day so at seven o´clock , I must go to our tram stop with my friend Lucy and we take our tram. We go by tram number seven. It takes me approximately twenty minutes to get at school. While I travel to school, I often talk with my friend Lucy, study for classes or read a book. My lessons start at eight o´clock except Monday and Wednesday when I have my lessons at seven. The lessons are 45 minutes long and breaks is ten minutes, except one big break between the second and the third lessons, which is twenty minutes long. We have for example maths, music, computer studies, physical education, English, German, Hotel industry and many more subjects. After my lessons we usually go for our lunch to the school canteen. On my way home I sometimes do some shopping with my mother. When I come home, my mother is at work, so I cook my dinner and I watch TV. When my mother comes home, we talk in the kitchen and drink tea and mother drinks coffee. Then I work or help at home and prepare next school day. On an average, I study or do homework one or two hours a day, Before a test, I study about two hours, but it is different for each subject. My main hobby is reading books. I spend many hours on them evenings, when I don´t have much to study and at weekends. We have our supper usually at half past seven and then I wash up. In the evenings I either take a shower or have a bath and watch Tv news, good films on DVD and serials on TV. I usually read a book in my bed.

I´m very happy when the week ends and weekend comes, because I can sleep late. I go on Friday to Stodolní street with my friends and we dance till up midnight. On Saturday I help with vacuuming and cleaning my and mother´s room. We have very good lunch and we likes to sleep. I can go to the little pub nemad Classic with my friends, we talk about school, our family an about our problems. I read books, magazines. And I go for a trip with my friends or my mother.

On holiday I go to the outdoor swimming pool with friends or my mothers. I have a summer job. I red books and I go to my grandmother and aunt.

I like to fly to USA these holidays. I want so much.


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