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Customs and Traditions

I want to start my paper with the greatest and the best
holiday of all, with the Christmas.
Firstly the definiton from an encyclopedia: Christmas is the Christian holiday to the memory of birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th, which was established in 4th century.
Now I will decribe Christmas holiday in the U.S.A. but in the Great Britain it is almost the same. British give the presents to each other on the December 25th in the morning before the breakfast. At noon they have a traditional Christmas dinner - turkey and pudding.
So now about Americans and Christmas holiday. For some Americans Christmas is a religious holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, for others it is a time of Santa Claus and the giving and receiving of gifts. And some Americans do not celebrate Christmas at all for personal, cultural or religious reasons.
Christmas season includes also New Year's Day on January 1st, ends on January 6th, the day of the Epiphany when three wise men presented their gifts to the baby Jesus.
The Christmas shopping season begins very soon, in the U.S.A. it is on Friday after Thanksgiving. On this day shoppers begin th elong process of buying gifts for family members and dear friends.
The traditional Christmas dinner, that is served on Christmas day, can include roast turkey with a chesnut dressing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, gravy and assorted vegetables. For
dessert one can eat plum pudding or pumpkin pie. A traditional Christmas drink is eggnog - a blend of cream, egg, milk and nutmig - with a shot of brandy, rum or whiskey.
Songs and music of the Christmas season fill the air. Probably the most popular religious Christmas song is "Silent Night".
Many people at Christmas time send postcards wishing holiday greetings to family and friends. Some of the cards have pictures of Santa Claus bearing gifts, or winter seenes, and of the Holy Family. Christmas wishes are universal and can be used by friends of all nations. Christmas trees are an important part of the season in America. Freshly-cut Christmas trees are usually pines or firs. A family travels to the woods and then searches for their tree. The tree is cut and brought home for decorations. Colorful lights, bright ornaments and candy canes decorate trees. American also decorate the outside of their houses.
Christmas traditions depend on nationalities living in the area. A more common Christmas tradition in the United States is the hanging of the misletoe. A spring of misletoe is hung in doorway or on a light fixture. If a young girl or woman stands beneath the misletoe she can be bissed.

- in Czech very similar

Next holiday celebrated in all Christian world is Easter. It is to the memory of death of Jesus Christ. In this time people usually eat a lamb. There are many habits, as pouring water to
boys, giving painted eggs and others, in Czechoslovakia. majoruty of the habits is a rest of some pagan celebrations welcoming spring.

Now something about next holidays celebrated in the U.S.A. I have to say that each state established its own legal holidays. So people celebrate the federal legal holidays and also their own holidays.
There are many traditional holidays, observed by a large number of Americans, which are also neither legal nor official. Among them are Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, Mother's Day and Halloween.
Halloween comes every October 31st, the evening before All-Saints Day. Halloween means "holy evening" and it is a holiday especially for children. Children pick large orange pumpkins then they cut faces in the pumpkins and they put lights inside. These lights are called "jack-o'laterns" which means "Jack of the latern". The children also put on strange masks and custumes. Some of them paint their faces to look like monsters. They carry boxes or bags from house to house and the adults put a treat-money or candy in their bags.
Perhaps the two "most American" of the holidays are the July 4th - Independence Day - and Thanksgiving. Independence Day is like a big, nationwide birthday party. It is a party that takes peace in neighborhoods, on beaches or in parks throughout the country. Some towns and cities have parades with bands and flags. The nation's birthday is also nation's gratest annual summer party. Every fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in whole the U.S.A. in order to cemmemorate the arrival of a small group of new colonists to Plymouth in America. It's a day of the year when whole the family gets together.Traditional foods are prepared for the feast - turkey or ham, cranberry sauce and corn dishes, breads and rolls and pumpkin pie.
Other holidays are: Martin Luther's King Birthday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day etc.


The British are often said to be conservative. And included their stick to their old traditions and habits. They have the same holidays like other countries. But two customs are special
only for Britain - mania for drinking tea and talking about the wather.

The English talk about weather very much. Greeting people with expression such as:"Lovely day, isn't it?" is their way of being friendly or starting converstaion.

They also like to go to the counrtyside and have a rest, tea and picknic there.

They also celebrate birthday of Her Majesty Queen.


- Christmas
- Easter
- 1st May
- Mother's Day
- 8th May - end of Wrold War II
- 28th October - establishing Czech independence

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