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My future plans

When I was about ten years old I used to admire all teachers and my biggest wish was to become a teacher and to teach small children. I liked it because we had really wonderful teacher who was always nice, willing and she never got angry. As I grew older, my mother told me, she would like me to become a doctor. It wasn’t initially my idea but soon I wanted to be a podiatrist. I wanted to be a doctor for a very long time – nearly for five years. I dreamed of curing small children from all diseases, but gradually I found out that it wouldn’t fit me the best and suddenly I knew I wouldn’t be the best person for being a doctor. I’m too sensitive to see people suffering and if I imagine a small child having some terrible disease, tears come to my eyes. That’s why I decided to study something else than biology. I had many hobbies – reading, playing the piano, doing some sports, watching the films, I was interested in music and history. But the future carrier is hardly ever linked up with our hobbies. If I could choose what I would like to do I would like to be a music teacher. I think it must be wonderful to teach about Mozart and Beethoven. However, teaching is a very hard job and I think I wouldn’t have enough patience.
So, now I am in the last grade of the Grammar school and I had to choose seriously what I wanted to do. We have chosen three elective subjects – in my case it’s German, History and Humanities, as our preparation for the graduation exam and for the entrance exam for the university. It is important to learn the same subjects for graduation and the entrance exams. So as I chose to study law, I will graduate from history and humanities. However, the entrance exams are very hard to pass. There are about ten times more students trying to get there than they can accept, so it would be a miracle if I passed.
That’s it. There are all the plans I have ever made. That was enough for me to know what to do and I don’t need to see further. If you have to many dreams and plans, you can get very disappointed if they don’t come true. So the rest of it is just made up straight away without deep thoughts and reconsidering. After I would finish the university I want to work as a lawyer or a solicitor or to be a judge after several years of praxis, I don’t know yet, that will come. The only think I know, I want to do the best I can and to build a career. I don’t want to get marry too soon – that means before thirty. I want to have a lot of time for my work and for myself. I want to have time for my hobbies especially reading.
After thirty, I want to get married and to have one or two children. Not sure yet. The man of my dreams should be very handsome, clever, tolerant, and romantic and…rich. (I don’t think a guy like this really exists) His greatest hobbies should be cooking, ironing, washing the dishes and all the house chores I really hate. He should look after children, teach them mathematics (that I know nothing about) and take care of me of course. Buying me bunch of roses every day should be a natural thing. He should never get angry not sad because both makes me mad. Every half a year we should spend a weak together in the mountains or at the seaside leaving our children with my parents. We would live in a family house in a suburb of a big city, having a large garden (and somebody to look after it) with a pool.

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