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The United States of America

The Usa is situated in the southern part of North America. Their neighbours are Canada in the north, Mexico in the south and Russia by Alaska. There are Apalache mountains on the east coast, the Rocky mountains on the west coast and the country between them is quite flat and low. Largest rivers are the Mississippy and the Missouri. We can find 5 lakes on the boarder with Canada – those are Ontario, Michigan, Supperior, Huron and Ere. The climate is changing from arctic cold in the northen Alaska to subtropical warmth in Hawaii and the Gulf Coast States. We can find here deep forests, deserts, flat countryside full of fields and cattle. The USA is also known for its great National parcs like Rocky Mountains N.P., Yellowstone N.P. or the Great Tetons. The most known one is in Colorado - Grand Canyon. It is the largest canyon in the world.

There are about 275 million inhabitants in the USA. 80% are people of European origine, 12% of afroamerican origine, 7% of Spanish origine, 2%from Asia and 0,8% of Indians and Eskimos. The main language spoken here is American English that differs from British English in vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. In communities is spoken their own language. Lenght of life is 73 for men and 80 for women. Urbanisation is 75%. 83% of Christians are devided into 52% of protestants, 26% of Catholics and 8% the others.

National Economy
The main industrial items are manufacturing steel, car industry, electronics, machinery, clothing and chemical industry. The main agricultural products are corn, potatoes, maize, cotton, tobacco, fruit and vegetables. Only 2,8% of people work in the agriculture. The national riches contain coal, copper, gold, zinc, iron and oil.

Government and Political systeme
The USA is a federation of 50 states (48 on the continent and Alaska and Hawaii). As the head of the state is concidered the President. Political systeme is LIBERAL DEMOCRACY. There are two parties: Democratic Party (liberal centre) and Republican Party (centre right). Armed forces: 1 547 000. Military service is voluntary. The USA is member of all major international organizations: NATO, OSN,…
The main body of the political systeme is CONGRESS that seats in the Capitol. It is devided into 2 parts: the House of Representatives and the Senate. The house of Representatives consists of 435 lawmakers who are elected for 2 years. The Senate has 100 members – 2 from each state who serve 6 years. The President together with his Vice President is elected every 4 years. President seats in the White House.
The Capital of US is Washington D.C. with it’s 3,4 million inhabitants. Here we can find the White House, the Capitol, the building of Pentagon used to stand here. There is no industry and no factories so the place is nice and clean.

Interesting places
There are planty of great cities on the East Coast, like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit and Miami with its beaches and Disneyland. On the West Coast, there is Los Angeles with Hollywood and film industry, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

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