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Advertising outdoor

While some believe that advertising makes our mass production-consumption culture possible, others contend that advertising has almost no effect on consumer buying habits.

A study conducted by sociologist Michael Schudson led him to the conclusion that, contrary to the common belief that advertising brings an increase in sales, the opposite is true: an increase in sales leads to increases in advertising ( Michael Schudson, Advertising, The Uneasy Persuasion: Its Dubious Impact on American Society /New York : Basic Books, 1984/, pp.18-19 ).

Advertising influences our attitudes, lifestyles and culture with no dispute. The advertising industry is often the start-off point of new cultural developments and trends in our society.

Although some critics blame advertising for creating new cultural trends in order to sell more goods and services , others argue that the message industry merely reflects cultural changes.

Advertising has developed into into an important yet controversial message business.

The average adult is exposed to approximately 500 advertisements each day, out of which about 1/3 is outdoor, and more than $126 billion is spent on advertising in the United States each year (Mass Media/Mass Culture, pg.325)

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