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Should be the death penalty mandatory for murderers or other people who did any hard crime? Or is it cruel? Now, in the twenty-first century the death penalty is legal only in a few states, for example in the USA or in China. People have talked about this punishment since the age of humanism. Mainly two groups of people, one agrees with the death penalty and the second disagrees. Both have their arguments and I will write about them. At first about the group, which wants the death penalty, and then about the group, which is against.
So there are a lot of arguments for using the death penalty. This punishment can be deterrent for other criminals. Potential criminals will see that for example, if they kill somebody, they will die, too, so maybe they will think about the crime more. The next argument is that when the criminal is free again, he can kill somebody again. In history there was a rule, that said eye for eye, tooth for tooth, so when somebody did something to another person, people did the same to him. This rule is preferred by the group, which promotes death penalty, death for death. Then they say that people usually want the death penalty for a guilty person. And finally there is the last reason for the death penalty. When a criminal is in a prison, he can run away or he can be dangerous for guards, he isn’t dangerous if he is dead.
On the other side there are many arguments from the group, which doesn’t want the death penalty. Their arguments are convincing, too. The death penalty is immoral and any state shouldn’t be the same as the criminal and shouldn’t kill somebody. Then everybody can make a mistake, even a judge. So it can happen that the criminal could be innocent and if the state kills him, it can’t take it back. There isn’t any proof, that the death penalty could be deterrent, because most of murders aren’t planned. Next some statistics shows, that there can be discrimination, because the death penalty is often used to religious or ethnic groups and to poor people, who don’t have lot of money to pay a good lawyer. And the last argument is that somebody can tip hands a judge and then it can be a judicial murder.
At the end I can say, that there isn’t any clear outcome. I can’t say if the death penalty should be legal or not. I agree with the second group, so I don’t agree with using the death penalty, because I believe that everyone, who did something bad, can be better, but he must have possibility to change.


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