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Describing people

I have never had many friends. First friends I met, when I began attend
kindergarten. Friends changed with changing school. Only one girl attended
kindergarten with me and first three form. Her name was the same as mine -
Jitka. She was as tall as me, had shoulder-length blond and straight hair and
blue eyes. She was very agile, and had a good sense for humour. She attend with
me also a pioneer club, where I had also some friends, but nobody of them was so
good friend as Jitka was. I lost any contact with she when my family moved

When we moved house I started attend new school. There I met many new
children. Some of them became my friends. The best was Helena I think. She had
black long straight hair, brown eyes and she was higher than me. She wore it
long to her shoulders, sometimes loose, sometimes done in a chignon. She was
very intelligent she had always the best marks. I could with she discus about
many things, about science, about books, or only talking. She play accordion
since she was eight. Unfortunately, when I started attend the grammar school I
met she only sometimes. Now she attends university, the pedagogical faculty.

When I started to attend the grammar school I also met many new people. I
cannot say that somebody of them is my best friend but friends I have between
then. The best of them is Lucie I think. She is about one head smaller than me,
have short chestnut wavy hair. Her eyes are green. She is agreeable,
intelligent, loves animals especially horses and dogs. She wants to study
history at philosophical faculty. She is a member of a riding club and every
minute of her spare time she devotes to horses.

I have also another friends. I mean the friends from holidays. I attended
camps and there I met Kateřina, I called she Kaťa, because she lives in the
part of the Czech Republic called Slovácko and people there speak with a
dialect. I met she about three years ago. She is old as I, I m about two weeks
older. She has shoulder length straight black hair, dark-brown eyes and she is a
little bit taller than me. Her character is very similar as my. She is agile,
intelligent, loves animals and nature. I one side is different. She grew up with
two brothers, so behave little bit like a boy. She studies secondary school the
polytechnique with a view to instruments. Now she is just on the university
where she continues in her branch.

Now about my boyfriend. His name is Aleš. We met about one and half years
ago in special dance course. In the beginning we were only friends, he in this
time visited the dance club, and he invited me there, I started attend this club
and as the time went we fell in love. He has chestnut short hair, changed colour
eyes, is taller than me and he is about two and half year older than me. He is
intelligent and has two big hobby sport dancing and electronics. He studies
electronics on the polytechnics university, now he is in the fourth semester. He
is not self-centred, on the contrary, he is sensitive to other people\'s
problems, tries understand them and help if he can. He does not get irritated
easily and very rarely is in bad mood. He has a sense of humour and his whole
disposition is optimistic. We say that we so long search each other until we
find each other. Though we have many thinks in common - dancing, travelling,
nature - and share the same opinions, I must say that he also has some faults.
He is a little bit fat, is too sensitive on his failure and spends too much
money on the electronic components. But, I love him very much, and I hope that I
never lose him.

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