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Dear Peter,
Many times you wrote me to find out something about our school day. Now, when I have a time I can you describe my normal school day…
I get up at 7 o’clock or little bit later (I can venture it, because my school is very near), prepare school things to bag, clean my tooth, have a breakfast and at 7 and half, when I am ready, I go to school. My school is very near (as I said before) so after 5 or 10 minutes I am there. The first lesson starts at 8 o’clock so I have still have a time to learn, if I didn’t learn yesterday. Every day we have different lessons and because I decided to write you about Tuesday, we start with History. Our lesson takes 45 minutes and breaks between them 10 minutes. After third lesson we have a longer one. Second lesson is Czech – today composition. We have two times a week literature, one times language a composition as today. Next we have Mathematics and Spanish. All these three lessons have only my half of class. For understand it – in our class we have two parts: one part learns to speak German and the other one Spanish. Do you understand it? I hope. Last two lessons are Chemistry and Ground of the Social Science, where we teach this year about State. And is all – finally. At 1:30 pm after 6 lessons, we can go to lunch. We eat in our school dining room, but the food isn’t very tasty...
After school I mostly go directly home. There I do homework, watching TV or working on computer, because my friend and I administrate Internet pages.
In the afternoon I go playing volleyball or exercise karate. And in the evening sometimes with my friend go to play billiard. At 10 o’clock mostly I go to bed…
So this was my school day. Is quite similar as yours I thing. Yet I want to ask you: “What do you do after school?” and “What about

Bye, George

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Seminárky, referáty, skripta, mat. otázky

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