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My attitude to sport

I have never been all round sportsmen and to be honest, I have had many hobbies, but have never been to any sport. The P. E. lessons used to threaten me when I was younger. I always tried to do my best and I always came last. I was permanently out of form and I have never earned a medal. The worst sport was for running at any distance. I always tried to run my fastest, but from the starting line I started to fall back and even if I exerted all my efforts I came the last. I was very frustrated about that so gradually I started to hate P.E. lesson because I felt humiliated. Than at the age of twelve I started to do basketball. We have training two or tree times a week, I don’t remember it exactly and suddenly I started to improve in all sport - even in running. However, I still wasn’t the best, I just had average results and that made me quite satisfied.
I don’t do any sport regularly (except for playing chess:) but from time to time I devote my leisure time to some physical activity. My favorite sport is probably downhill skiing. Every winter I go to mountains at least five or six times. My father once told me that when he was small, there were no ski tows and they had to go up on foot carrying the skis on the shoulder. I cannot imagine myself doing this. I wouldn’t surely enjoy skiing if I had to carry my skis up to the top of the hill. Using ski tows or cable way is just the comfortable way how to get to the top and without there appliances this sport would be just climbing to the top.
Sometimes I also play table tennis. My father used to play it very much when he was younger and he taught me and my brother to play it quite well. Now we often play it together with my brother.

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