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My best friend

My best friend is my classmate. Her name is Jana. She is of an average height and has long straight brown hair. Her face is oval and her eyes are brown. She is very slim. She usually wears jeans and a short sweater. She is quite frank, helpful, generous, clever and sometimes even wise. Sometimes she is shy, sad, and depressed but she is never cruel. She is never tired of listening to me. She seems to tell me almost everything about herself.

It is fun to be with her. We have nearly the same hobbies and sometimes the same opinions. We often go to the cinema but we do not like action films. Sometimes we just walk around town or go to the pub. We both like traveling, reading, and swimming. We often spend our leisure time together. In the summer we usually travel around Bohemia, climb up some mountains and chase nice boys. When one of us reads an interesting novel, short story or poem, she usually recommends it to the other. Once or twice a week we go to a local swimming pool to have a swim. In the winter we sometimes go to our ice rink but we are not very good at skating.

I can rely on her and she often gives me sound advice. I cannot imagine my school life without her. We help each other with difficult homework or exams and we try to overcome everyday school monotony and problems with humor and fun. Our friendship is based on honesty and respect for each other's feelings. She can show real understanding for my feelings but at the same time is open enough to be critical. At the same time she is however forgiving of my mistakes. She tells me the truth and never lies. She is always ready to encourage me or to help me if necessary. I hope our friendship will be long lasting and won't end after our graduation. We would like to study at the same school.

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