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I would like to speak about possible Olympic games in Prague in 2016 or 2020.
I think it could be profitable and it could bring much money to Czech republic, but it has got many disadvantages. I live in Prague, so I want Olympic games, because Prague get much money and many tourists will arrive and they will live in hotels and they will buy food here, but only in Prague. For example my aunt lives in a small village and she says, that she will want Olympic games if one discipline will be in the village, where she lives, because she would have a chance to get some money from olympic games (she has a restaurant). I comprehend, that she doesn’t want Olympic Games, because it will pay our state and state will pay it from assessments, which are from all Czech people and on the other hand people from the second part of Czech republic will not see Olympic games, so why they shoud pay it? Maybe Olympic federation or only Prague shoud pay these money.
Olympic games could be good for Czech republic, because it is small state and it could make CZ known. Maybe we will have better position in the world that we have now. Olympic games could give many job oppotunities to Prague and all people in Czech republic could exploit them.
Another resolution could be wiring more czech cities to Olympic games. I think it isn’t bad idea, that every discipline could be in another cities, not only in Prague, maybe in five the biggest cities in Czech republic and people from small towns and villages can go to one of them, because it could be more closely than Prague.
Finally I want to say only that I really don’t know if Olympic games are good for our state, maybe I only can say that it is opportunity for me to see some good sportsmen and athletes by own eyeball and not only on TV. I can get some brigade-work and I can get some money, but if I wouldn‘t live in Prague I probably wouldn’t have these opportunities.

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