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It lies in the north-west part of Europe. It is separated from the continent by the English Channel, the Strait of Dover nad North Sea. It consists of two large icelands Great Britain comprising Scotland, England and Wales and Ireland comprising the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. And of more than 5 thousand small islands. Tha smaller islands include Hebrides, Orkney, Shatland…Tha main mountain regions in Britain are tha Cambrian mt., Pennines (The backbone of England). The geighest mt. In Scotland are the Grampian mt. With the heighest mt. Of Great Britain Ben Nevis (1342 m n. m.).
The longest rivers in England are the Severn, The Avon, The Thames and in Scotland the Tweed, tha Clyde. The best known lakes are Lake District (Wintermere) and in Scotland Loch Lomonds and Loch Ness (loch means a lake in Scottish). The british islad have mild and humid climed due to the Gulf Stream that comes from the Gulf of Mexico to Western Europe.
Population of GB is about 57,5 milion. The Density of population is one of the heighest in the world. In Britain we can find the following ethnic groups. The English, The Scottish, The Welsh, The Irish and the Ulster. We can find there also people from former British colonies (Indians, Pakistanies, Caribbeans).
Political system: GB is a constitucional monarchy. The head of the state is the Queen, but she can act only on the advice of her ministers. Queen Elisabeth II. Has been british Queen since 1957. British parliament consist of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Seat of Parliament is in Westminster. The constitution is unwritten, based on common law, customs and traditions. Two main political parties – The Labour Party and The Conservative Party. Seat of Prime minister is Downing Street No. 10. British national flag is called „Union Jack“. Britisish Economy: is very stron. GB belongs to G7 countries. Its main trading partners are countries of western Europe, the USA and the Commonwealth.
It exports great part of industrial production, machines, means of transport.
It imports food, machinary, industrial products. London importants financial and commercial centre. Important raw material is oil, which can be found in the North Sea. The GB has also develp agriculuture.
Turist is also an important part of British economy. Oxford and Cambridge are university towns. The seat of the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Bath – spa town remains of Roman baths built 2000 years ago.
Birmingham – industrial town
Brightow – holiday resorts.

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